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Ullu is Hindi for ‘owl’ and stupid or foolish in the colloquial sense


Exploring new avenues; Analyzing every nuance;

We match an owl’s 270⁰ turning neck

to provide you with the broadest perspective.


Our focus and our unique perspective towards digital marketing empowers us to define and simultaneously deliver on your short, medium and long-term marketing goals.

Reaching every corner; Traveling the extra mile;

We go the distance like an owl’s long-haul flight,

to deliver the desired results every single time.


Our craziness inspires us to substitute higher spends with additional efforts to achieve the same outcomes. We live ‘the Law of Diminishing Returns’*.


Striking the right notes; Filtering out the noise;

Like an owl’s insanely prolific and silent hunting technique;

to assist you in capturing a higher market share.


Our well-founded confidence emboldens us to earn our profits as an incentive, not as a right. It’s a promise that ‘We Earn When You Earn’.


As foolish or stupid, it may sound, we revel in this craziness that charts our client’s success stories.

That is when and why we proclaim,“Hum Ullu Hain!”


*(the law of) diminishing returns

noun: law of diminishing returns

used to refer to a point at which the level of profits or benefits gained is less than the amount of money or energy invested.


We, Ullus have adopted a vision to be amongst the top 3 digital marketing agencies in India, by 2030.


We, Ullus work to help you achieve your revenue growth & brand building objectives;

By creating an inimitable and unparalleled marketing brain;

To provide timely, creative and tailored solutions & services;

Delivering the best ROI for your marketing investment.


We, Ullus imbibe the following values in every walk of our lives:

  • Applied Knowledge: We assimilate, apply and share the learnings regularly.
  • Equality: We treat all our assignments with conviction and commitment.
  • Innovation: We always adopt a unique approach to deliver better results.
  • Heart: While brain dictates our strategies, heart drives our actions.
  • Doers: With experience, we strive to make even the toughest thing possible.
  • Excellence: We, Ullus, have zero tolerance to mediocrity.

Our Flight So Far

Journey of Hoot360

Presenting the Ullus

Each Ullu brings with them, their unique features to this eclectic gathering of digital marketing enthusiasts. Each feature helps complete the spectrum necessary to reach marketing’s pot of gold.


Meet the Ullus to find out their contribution to the spectrum.

Ranjeet Pawar

Ranjeet Pawar


Life and everything around is inherently beautiful. So I Enjoy whatever I do in life and death.

Marketing is my passion. I have more than 18 years of sales and marketing experience with Experian, TCS, NIIT, Asian Paints, Sugee Group. The sole purpose of founding HOOT360 Marketing is to build a team that helps brands achieve business growth through creativity, perseverance and commitment while staying true to the craziness that an Ullu can bring to the workplace. My greatest joy is when we help our clients achieve their revenue growth objective.

priyanka mehta

Priyanka Mehta

I have taken the leap from being a post-graduate in English literature to being a Google certified digital marketer. Just like everyone else, I am oscillating between virtual and real. But at HOOT360, I get to live the best of both worlds!

Priyanka Mehta

Team Leader

My idea of world peace is when people stop stealing my pens!

Albas Mulla

Albas Mulla

We live in a small world. Making it even smaller and connected is what I aspire to do. After graduating from KC college, I became a full-time ULLU. HOOT360 is a space where I can meet my goals of bringing people and communities together.

Albas Mulla

Digital Marketing Expert

I am just another millennial suffering from meme, meme, meme epidemic.

Shulanda Singh

Shulanda Singh

From an IT Engineer to a freelance web writer to the voice of brands worth millions, at HOOT360. Writing or reading is what you would find me doing off-work. HOOT360 is the place where I have the freedom of being unapologetically myself and means to transform into a better version of myself.

Shulanda Singh

Content Writer

I have the soul of the cat who was killed by curiosity.

Girija Kalekar

Girija Kalekar

I’m a pixel-perfect and dedicated graphic designer, photographer and digital artist who is ready to make modern, elegant and juicy designs forever. With a commercial art degree from L.S. Raheja School of Arts, I joined HOOT360. HOOT360 is the place where I am learning the invincibility of my skill.

Girija Kalekar

Graphic Designer

During the day, I digitize reality. At night, I bring animated characters to life with cosplay.

Hemangi Patil

Hemangi Patil

I am a BE Graduate from Computer Sciences turned Front-End Developer, working towards becoming a Full-Stack Developer. Learning new things every day and outperforming clients' expectation keeps me hooked. HOOT360 is where my ideas are valued, questioned and implemented..

Hemangi Patil

Front-End Developer/p>

Responsive, Interactive and Accessible- You decide whether this description is for my work or me.

Pradnya Chilap

Pradnya Chilap

Design has always intrigued me. It started by tracing the pictures in my nursery workbook and soon I gained commercial art degree from Sophia Polytechnic. At HOOT360, I get exposure of direct interaction with clients, supportive team and endless opportunities.

Pradnya Chilap

Graphic Designer

I am raised by my font family.

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