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Delivering a marketing strategy and plan that is
Result oriented;
Easy to implement;
Trackable and measurable.

The Ullu trait of going the distance, changes the scope of consulting assignments for us. In addition to advising you on the best suited strategy and plan to achieve your business objective, we ensure its success by enabling execution, monitoring, reviewing and providing alternative options to respond to changing market dynamics.

With experience in traditional marketing, digital marketing and sales, our recommended solutions ensure that all your branding and marketing activities drive growth. With our consultancy services we provide strategies that focus on growth in sales volume and/or margins by increasing sales efficiency and/or driving premium pricing.

The Ullus at HOOT360, provide marketing consultation, mentoring, coaching and execution assistance services for:

  • Go-To-Market strategies and planning
  • Branding – from visibility to evangelism
  • Marketing strategies to increase market share and wallet share
  • B-2-B Marketing strategies aimed at revenue growth
  • New market entry strategies
  • GTM for start-ups & new products
  • Content creation

What We Do

At HOOT360, we always create strategies and plans taking into consideration your market, your organization, your objectives, your opportunities, your constraints and your challenges. The strategy we formulate for you, aligns your key business functions such as sales, marketing, product development, operations & business intelligence to achieve the set business & marketing goals.

We put to use our expertise and knowledge gained through 20 years of successful planning, executing, leading and managing sales & marketing activities to create a plan which is a perfect balance of effort based and expense-based activities. Our experience stretches across the globe for small, medium and large local & MNCs in the Services, IT, ITES, Hi-Tech, Real Estate, Healthcare, Consumer Products, Food & Beverages, Agriculture and other sectors. We help you to:

  • Develop marketing roadmap
  • Optimize usage of digital platforms and tools
  • Estimate a budget
  • Set up a team
  • Determine the need for outsourcing if at all
  • Monitor, Measure and analyze performance


What you get

With the Ullus of HOOT360, you get a marketing strategy and a plan,
That is comprehensive, easy to execute, measurable and efficient;
And is continuously evolving, adaptable, robust and scalable.

With the Ullus of HOOT360, you get to work with a team that
Is responsible for every line item in the plan and the achievement of the objectives;
And relies more on expertise, capabilities and efforts than on spends.

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With marketing consulting, we empower your business by:


From the reason audience ignores your Instagram posts to the best location for your hoarding, all your answers are a call away.