Content Marketing

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Creating, placing and distributing unique content that

  • Attracts your target group;
  • Nurtures the contact;
  • And generates quality leads!

Why Content Marketing?

The Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) 2018 B2B & B2C content marketing stats reveal that 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing as a key strategic initiative.

Netizens, consumers, clients, influencers, etc. are all the time looking for knowledge, insights, information, recommendations, products and services. The internet caused an unprecedented information revolution and democratized access to knowledge.

An exponentially growing internet economy;
Reliance on self-serve SAAS-based business models;
Search engine optimization as a key channel for web traffic;
& above all, the emergence of online selling as a major source of income; are the reasons for the above stats by CMI, reaffirming the significance of content marketing.

With ubiquity comes commoditization. And Ullus understand it really well. The Ullus at HOOT360, treat content as a strategic and tactical marketing device.

What We Do

Unique & irresistible content creation
The Ullus create unique content to serve a definite purpose in the overall scheme of digital marketing initiatives. We provide content writing services to create content for blogs, web pages, brochures, presentations, social media pages – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn; FB, Insta, LinkedIn posts, Tweets, AV, etc. Our content is a narration of a story, a proposition, a message, a research insight with a textual graphic blend. We design content to ensure that the text is enhanced by the use of graphics and the graphics by themselves are a narrative through a vision. The content that we create, adheres to your brand’s voice; in the tone that your audience relates to and adapted for the hosting platform.

Perfect content placement & distribution
As significant as the creation of content is the placement and distribution of content. As Ullus, we have the broadest perspective and the farthest vision, to map the journey of your target group in their quest for information, knowledge, products and services. Thus, we are able to perfectly place and distribute the right type of content ensuring that the content’s purpose of existence is fulfilled.


What you get

With the Ullus of HOOT360, you get unique content,
That is clear, concise, accurate, lucid, attractive and engaging for your target group;
With your key message and brand communications smoothly embedded in it.

With the Ullus of HOOT360, you get to work with a team that
Believes in treating each piece of content as a new initiative;
Has the perseverance to nurture connections to lead generation to brand loyalty.

We maximize your content marketing ROI by targeting, attracting and nurturing the right audience. For us, content marketing is driving appropriate engagement till it generates business as a natural extension of the initiative.

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With content marketing, we empower your business by: