Inbound Marketing

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Businesses can generate leads from inbound marketing by spending only ⅓ of what it costs them to get a lead from traditional outbound marketing (State of inbound 2014 Report).


With Inbound Marketing Services, we make sure that you are present where your target group expects you, in the form they want and tone they like. A person who searches on Google could either be looking for you, your product/service to fulfil their need or information to satisfy their curiosity. We tap these people by ensuring that the content on your website gives information about you, details of your product/services and information your target seeks.


These people have a higher chance of conversion as they actively sought you out. All they need is useful, engaging content. At HOOT360, we build a content structure that serves people at every stage in the sales and marketing funnel. By fulfilling expectations of the audience and offering additional value, we create delight. By ranking you higher on the search engine, we make sure that you serve this delighted audience time and again. This builds trust in you as an industry expert and now when they need a product/service, you will be the one they will reach out to. However, there is a tough online competition in almost every niche. We make you stand-out amongst others with snippets which addresses their problem to the tee, targeting a specific set of keywords, performing on-page and off-page SEO. We revamp your website`s content and repair broken links, meta tags, ineffective call-to-action, bounce rate. Once your website is healthy, we employ paid advertising like Pay per click (PPC), Display Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) to get you a headstart in terms of traffic.

How We Do It

SEM & PPC: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) primarily involves the use of paid advertising practices to increase visibility on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). SEM uses Google AdWords, pay per click, article & directory backlink submissions, and ensuring SEO compliance of the website.


SEO: By making your website SEO-friendly, we ensure that when a person performs a search you rank on top Google pages. We do it at optimum cost. By doing on-page SEO for your offerings, blogs and every piece of content, we get organic traffic. Whereas off-page SEO helps us rank maintain your digital footprint and healthy backlinks.


Display Marketing: We display your content on the third-party websites to attract your target group. This advertisement is in the form of a banner that generates curiosity and gets people to click. By getting you a dedicated space on relevant, trustworthy websites, your brand awareness is performed. We are a digital marketing agency that excels at finding these websites that share target audience with you and aren’t your direct competitors.


With inbound marketing, we empower your business by:


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