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41% of global internet users use social to gain information on new brands or products. (Globalwebindex)

Word of mouth (WoM) is the oldest, the most efficient and the most effective marketing tool used by businesses. One of the best examples of WoM in the real world is the Rustom’s Ice Cream Parlour at Churchgate, Mumbai. The outlet doesn’t even have a sign board outside the shop and yet customers queue up every single day. The recipe for this success is the Word of Mouth it has generated over generations.

Generating Word of Mouth is the most appropriate use of social media marketing. As per Hootsuite, the average price of Facebook ads is rising around 35%, with ad impressions increasing only 10%. And yet, the primary activity undertaken in Social Media Marketing is that of advertising. 42% of the global population and 17% of Indian population is on social media.

Creating the right buzz is a challenge to surpass and an opportunity in waiting. The Ullus of HOOT360, dare to take up the challenge; do the hard things, the right way and deliver the desired results.

What we do

The Ullus strategize, plan, create, execute, monitor, review and deliver social media marketing programs and campaigns to achieve your business goals. The perfect balance of striving for a short-, medium- and long-term goal is an art we have mastered. We initiate our social media marketing campaigns by creating a calendar of activities in line with the strategy and plan finalized along with you.


From ensuring an effective presence in the form of a business page to creating content for posts & advertisements to designing engaging creatives and finally to executing the activities, we do it all. As a social media marketing agency that goes the distance, we monitor, review and incorporate the learnings from each of our campaign into our next campaign on an ongoing basis. As part of our approach to social media marketing, we Ullus emphasize on using social networks for:
Creating and publishing relatable and reliable content;
Driving long lasting engagement along with immediate traction.


We Ullus create all types of content including, text based, graphic designs, carousels, presentations, whiteboard animations or videos. We ensure that the social media marketing campaigns are delivered to the right audience at the right time in the right tone.

What you get

We Ullus understand the essence of each digital platform such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, Tumblr, SlideShare, etc. In addition to understanding the social platforms, we know the social media behavior of your target groups.

With the Ullus of HOOT360, you get to work with a team that

Knows exactly how, when, why and for what purpose each platform is to be used;

Rigorously leverages its experience and expertise to influence every stage of the buying cycle.

With the Ullus of HOOT360, you get social media marketing campaigns that

Create the right online word of mouth, are efficient and result oriented;

Cover all objectives including driving engagement, encouraging advocacy, creating a band of loyalists, building a community, to generating business.


Call us now to grow your business and establish your own community of stakeholders!


With social media marketing, we empower your business by: