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According to Netcraft January 2018 Web Server Survey, there are 1.8 billion websites and approximately 200 million are active. And as per a Neilson survey, an average person visits 89 websites in a month. The cyber world is like an over-crowded mall where millions of websites are competing to attract maximum relevant eyeballs.

Information, purchase, entertainment, interaction and bonding are primary reasons why people surf the internet and visit websites. For your website to stand out in the crowd, it is imperative that your website caters to the exact need/want of each visitor and keeps them coming back for more.

We Ullus at HOOT360 are cognizant of the fact that your website is your branch office; your showroom for eCommerce; a catalogue for your products & services; an encyclopedia of knowledge; a visitor’s log to engage with you; a repository of updated & accurate information and much more. With this forbearing thought, we ensure that your website will always be your best foot forward.

What we do

We undertake the complete creation, updating or revamping of your website, from building the structure to writing the content to designing and developing your website. Optimizing the website for a bot is a skill for us and for humans, our expertise. Every website we create is Search Engine Optimized. As Ullus who are committed to traveling the extra mile, on-page SEO is absolutely free for you. With more than 79% web traffic in India on mobile phones, creating a mobile-friendly, responsive website is a must and Mobile First is our design approach all the time.


The routes to your website are multiple:

  • Direct: by typing your website URL in the browser
  • Searching by your brand name in search engines such as Google
  • Searching by using keywords that are relevant to your website
  • By engaging with your social media marketing initiatives or on forums
  • Via backlinks created as part of your content distribution across portals, forums and platforms


The Ullus, create a website which showcases your brand, the products, the services, the information sought in the most relevant way, irrespective of from where or how they come and where they land. The structure of your website is an outcome of our years of experience that provides an insight on how the web traffic will flow and how each visitor is likely to navigate your website. The written content and the creative design aid the netizen to accomplish the objective of their visit to your website with ease and minimal clicks possible.

Our design and development ensure that your website is quick to load on any device. Aesthetically attractive designs, clean layouts, relevant & informative images & graphics add the necessary glamour and vitality to your website and engages the visitor to stay connected and transact with your brand. We ensure that your website is the perfect visual and verbal representation of your brand.

What you get

With the Ullus of HOOT360, you get to work with a team that

  • Works on every aspect of creating a website, tying all loose ends to provide a seamless and engaging experience for all your visitors;
  • Diligently covers every corner of your website to create the perfect flow in any direction taken by your target group

With the Ullus of HOOT360, you get a website that balances

  • The SEO compliant website structure with an aesthetically appealing design;
  • The need for information with the expectation of brevity;
  • The navigational complexity with the requirement of quick access;
  • The interesting, fun, engaging content with the right amount of credible information


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Our website design and development empowers your business by: