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All of the above digital and social media marketing platforms are

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Word of mouth is the best marketing campaign any brand could ask for. Social Media Marketing done the Ullu way gives you exactly that. We understand the core values of digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. Thus, we know exactly how, when, why and for what purpose they are to be used.

The social media expert Ullus have helped many brands and organizations such as yours to sell, build a community or grow their business. We design campaigns that are delivered to the right audience; at the right time; in a tone that triggers the right emotions to get the desired outcomes. Our experience enables us to create the perfect mix of organic and paid outreach to maximize the digital marketing ROI.


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Inbound Marketing

Ullus pursue the ultimate 3 marketing objectives for our clients:

  1. Increase the demand for your brand
  2. Establish your presence where your target group is
  3. Get customers to come asking for your products, services and solutions

Years of experience in inbound marketing has enabled the Ullus to be prudent in selecting the right mix of a long-, medium- and short-term approach. In the long term, we build your brand through digital and social media marketing driving recall, recognition & loyalty.

In the medium term, securing a higher rank on search engines such as Google by undertaking Search Engine Optimization is a key success factor. It ensures that your target group finds and engages with you.

The Ullus do not lose sight of your tactical revenue growth goals in the short term. We deploy Pay per click (PPC), Display Marketing and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns with Google Ads, Taboola, Outbrain, etc.


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in bound marketing

content creation

Content Marketing

Information is one of the most important aspects of decision making. And Ullus understand it really well. We drive engagement by providing accurate, precise and crisp information to your target audience. The content that we create, adheres to your brand’s voice; in the tone that your audience relates to and adapted for the hosting platform.

We Ullus have the necessary perseverance to nurture connections through to lead generation. We maximize your ROI on content marketing by targeting, attracting and nurturing the right audience.


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The Ullu trait of going the distance, changes the scope of consulting assignments for us at HOOT360. Our consulting engagement will give you an actionable strategy and plan with measurable tracking mechanisms in place. With expertise in both traditional and digital marketing coupled with sales, we provide a direct solution to drive your revenue growth.

From launching a new brand to improving market and wallet share, we advise you to make it all happen. The Ullus understand your market, your organization, your objectives, your opportunities, and your constraints. We identify all possibilities, analyze each one of them and recommend the best option.


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webdesign and development

Website Design & Development

Your website is many things rolled into one. It is your branch office in cyber space; showroom for eCommerce; catalogue for product information; encyclopedia of knowledge; a visitor’s log to engage with you; a repository of updated & accurate information and much more.

The Ullus treat this single most important destination for you with utmost care and creativity.

We balance,

The need for information with the expectation of brevity;

The navigational complexity with the requirement of quick access;

The SEO compliant website structure with an aesthetically appealing design;

And Interesting, fun, engaging content with the right amount of credible information.

Thus, drawing and engaging your Target Group to your website over and over again.


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