Community Building

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An ideal community is a mutually beneficial, self-sustainable space on Internet of self-appointed brand ambassadors who believe in your brand and products. Your community won’t simply be a place to promote new products and gather volunteers for research and product testing. It will also establish you as an industry leader and give you access to consumer insights which assists business decisions. However, not every brand can build a successful community. You need:

  • Quality products that delight customers
  • A marketing strategy divided into measurable stages
  • Carefully designed platform
  • Custom content that adds value
  • Persistent efforts


At HOOT360, we are your long-term partners in building a dedicated community. Based on your business scope, we identify a niche your brand should target and build personas for your target group. We consult you with a comprehensive strategy, divided into multiple measurable stages. Numbers, analytics and ever-growing community will be the performance measures of our efforts. With content that directly addresses various aspects of your target’s daily life, we establish emotional connect with a clique. This content is distributed to a specific segment of your target group. We listen first, engage second and are always there for them. When this audience finds valuable, engaging content and opportunity to interact with people that share a common interest, they volunteer to join your community. We retain these founding members by building a community which is an extension of themselves. For a self-sustaining community, we motivate members to create content for the community and interact with fellow members. Through loyalty programs, we ensure that your love affair with these brand ambassadors is publicized enough to trigger a chain of new members, at a regular pace. Leveraging the circle of influence of your existing members, we expand your community.

This is how we build a people-driven community with an independent culture. The safe environment within the community encourages three-way communication– brand-to-people, people-to-brand, people-to-people.

How We Deliver


As we expect users to exclusively visit your platform, it should offer incredible value, easy interactions and high level of customization. On your website, we facilitate smooth interactions with a well-built engagement corner which is fast, easy and familiar, segmented user groups, and provision of private messaging. With rich user profiles, responsive design, text search bar facility, consented notification, etc, we ensure great user experience. The platform we build will facilitate dynamic user-generated content and discussion topics. Users’ safety is our priority. We provide data security, robust and well-defined privacy options, safety guidelines and more. Know more.

Content Marketing:

Content lays the foundation of every community. Your users come back repeatedly when they see the value your content is providing. We facilitate engagement by creating content that affects the target group’s day-to-day needs. We don’t simply create traditional content such as blog articles, how-to videos, but an extended catalogue of community-specific content that ensures engagement:

  • Quizzes
  • Community Newsletter
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • eBooks
  • Media Libraries

Know more.

Social Media:

Through social media, we provide all your stakeholders with a welcoming platform to talk about you and the industry. Users on each platform have specific expectations. For example, people on Pinterest won’t be attracted with text-based content. We build your community on social platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook with custom content that fulfils expectations and brings delight. We associate with influencers they trust and endorse your community. Know more.


To get started on a community which people will aspire to join, contact.