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Traffic on the roads are bad but traffic on the website is the most amazing thing. Your website represents your brand and website traffic can help you understand your audience, their needs & in-turn, your business growth. When more and more people visit your website, more and more people talk about you & vice versa. Both these scenarios need an excellent structured website with great SEO-friendly content, seamless user experience and feel good designs. At HOOT360, we generate green signals and navigation signs on the digital roads to direct the traffic to your website by marketing your brand across platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Twitter, Instagram, Native ads, to name a few.

How We Deliver


Being a digital marketing agency, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is in our DNA. We create content for the website which is naturally keyword embedded. Thus, on-page SEO for your website is a hygiene for us. From keywords to meta tags, we make sure your website is appealing to Google bots to achieve our targets for website traffic. Our regular testing, audit & competitor’s research helps us resolve your website issues such as high bounce rates, low visitors, broken links, ineffective call-to-action, etc. We bring your website to a healthy state by restructuring it primarily for your target audience while ensuring its attractiveness to search engines such as Google.

Inbound Marketing:

We attract users based on what relevant services or products or information they are looking for on the web. We analyze consumer searches, their behaviour on digital platforms, trending relevant keywords for your business and create a strategy to be available to the consumer. Inbound marketing works like a magnet for website traffic. With paid services such as Pay per click (PPC), Display Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) to begin with, the footfall of your website increases and eventually the organic traffic with mere Content Marketing increases as well. know more

Content Marketing:

We present valuable information, insights and knowledge of your industry and product without selling it. The magic of content marketing works to nurture a potential client and build the credibility of your brand & product. Keywords relevant to your business are expertly placed for better SEO of your content. Once the content is relatable & appealing to your set of audience, we influence them to know more about your brand and your products. Here is when they take a step further & browse your website. Timely flow of new content pieces prompts existing visitors to return. Employing different media types, we serve a wider range of audience generating additional relevant visitors. know more

Social Media Platforms:

Everyone is on social media platforms! Here is where we target your audience the most. We generate awareness & visibility of your brand by executing campaigns across all social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Twitter, Instagram, etc. We create curiosity with engaging content for your consumers encouraging them to know more about your brand & product. Thus, redirecting them to your website & increasing the website traffic. know more

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